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Customer Service and Sales - Online Course for Technicians
Your technicians will sell more, will increase the average dollar per lead and closure ratio, and will start providing the best customer care, and your NPS will increase.

Our company "Home Alliance" specializes in the repairing of household appliances in hundreds of thousands of

Americans houses every year. Our representatives work in more than 20 states of America.

In 2018, we opened an online academy "Home Alliance Academy", where we train future

Appliance repair specialists.

And also we conduct advanced training courses of "Customer Services and Sales" for operating technicians.

Who is our training for?
  • For Technician
    Proper communication with the client is no less important skill than high-quality repair technicians.
    After our training, you will be able to properly present yourself to customers so that the client returns back to you for services.
  • Business Owners
    Do you want to increase the profit of your business?
    Let your technicians improve their communication and sales skills in our Course - Customer Service and Sales. This course will help them increase the average check amount in each order
How much do Home Alliance technicians earn?
What is included in the training?
After completing, each student will receive
a certificate of completion of the course
Online lessons
Classes once in a week.
Total 8-10 lessons ( 1,5 - 2 months of training )
Additional materials
In addition to "Customer service" classes, you get access to Appliance repair, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical modules.
Customer Service and Sales (Step by Step)
  • Phone Call with customer
  • Talking with a client in their home
  • Job Evaluation
  • Pricing
+ Bonus
You will get access to lessons in 3d simulations to all appliances. There you can practice inspections and repair on each appliance.
You can get such opportunity only in our academy.
Apply now and our managers will contact you.

1,207 companies are looking for technicians right now.

57% of emigrants opt for the profession of a technician

$4.3 bln is the industry volume

$1.3 bln is spent on technician salaries annually

122.8 mln people a year use service technicians

75% start earning as soon as during their training

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